The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. - Audrey Hepburn


Stinkin cute.

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Gorgeous Kerry Washington out and about in New York City, 9/16/14.

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I feel like…

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The MINUTE the writing is on the wall, like clockwork…


Imma kinda sorry I apparently missed much today but I am sure the idiot faction will continue tomorrow. It is like a 24 hr virus with them. So which had them losing it today, Josie or the stroller? SMH.

Stroller — what?

LMAO she is kidding aboutt he stroller… that’s the next stage though. LOL

Josie made them lose their shit given Tony tweeted her photo and she is on set with him (AS SHE SHOULD BE, when mommy is away she is with daddy) while Kerry is in NYC. So one tried to find the most ridiculously pathetic excuse, like “it’s from last week! it’s from a month ago and he tweeted it today to rile up the Terrys! ROFLMAO! Sure, cause Tony is 12 like you. And that must be why Kerry is in NYC WITHOUT Josie right now, hmm? Made sure to show at the airport how Josie wasn’t with her. The other instead took to Twitter to insult him. When one has zero arguments and is grasping at straws, it’s either pathetic attempts or insulting, there’s nothing else left.


Glad someone gets my humour. I hope it gave some fool a meltdown lololol. Why yes, I am a bitch. You would think these idjits had someat to do…

I think the antis are mad because they are thinking like Sherlock in this gif but are too afraid to embrace it….HAHAHAHAHA..

Whether the silly bunnies wish to acknowledge or not, facts remain facts. Doesn’t matter if they like it. Total win win.

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